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About the DC Plan

DC Plan Guide Get The Full Picture
DC Plan guide

Explains how the DC Plan works and the benefits it provides

Investment Guide cover
Investment guide

Let's you know about your investment choices and things to think about when investing your DC savings

Percentage Coins Document
Annual fund charges

A summary of the annual fund charges for each of the funds available in the DC Plan

Have It Your Way Cover
Have it your way!

The different ways you can access your DC savings and the support to help you decide 

Stay Flexible In Retirement Cover
Staying flexible in retirement

About accessing your DC savings flexibly and who this option might suit

Cashing In Your Savings Cover (1)
Cashing in your savings

About taking your DC savings as cash and who this option might suit

Looking For Peace Of Mind Cover
Looking for peace of mind?

About using your DC savings to purchase an annuity and who this option might suit

Counting Down To Retirement Cover
Counting down to retirement?

Practical hints and tips to help you get ready to access your DC savings

Booklet Open
About salary sacrifice

The terms and conditions of participating in the DC Plan through salary sacrifice

Investment factsheets

Individual factsheets giving information about each investment fund for the 3 months from 1st January to 31st March 2024. 

If you'd like details about the Property & Infrastructure fund that's closed to new investors, please get in touch with ITV Pensions. 

*These are the funds that are used for the Guided options.

** This fund isn't available to members investing their DC savings through Customised (it's used in some of the Guided options only).

Trustee documents

ITV DC Plan Implementation Statement 2022
Implementation statement

An assessment of how the Trustees have put their investment principles into practice

ITV DC Plan Chair's Statement 2022
Chair's statement and Statement of Investment Principles

How the DC Plan meets its legal requirements in key areas, and the DC Plan's investment policy