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Your target retirement date (TRD) lets us know when you’re expecting to take your DC savings. Use this form if you want to change your TRD.

We need to have a TRD on record for all our members so if you don’t choose a date, we'll assume it's your 65th birthday. For many members, their TRD is the date they plan to take their DC savings, but it doesn’t have to be – choosing a TRD doesn’t commit you to taking your savings (unless you choose age 75).

Remember, you can change your TRD when you want, so if you’re not sure, just give us a date to work with and remember to tweak it as the date draws closer.

You can find out more about your TRD and if you have any questions, get in touch with ITV Pensions on 01772 884 488 or email

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Terms of use

The Investment Helper (the tool) is for general guidance only. Please make sure you understand how it works and its limitations before obtaining your results. By using the tool, you agree to the terms of use set out below:

  • Your investment options: From August 2023, members of the ITV Defined Contribution Plan (the DC Plan) can invest their DC savings through a Guided or a Customised approach. There are currently 14 Guided options to choose from, and 16 investment funds through the Customised approach.
  • About the tool: Based on your answers to 10 questions, the tool will suggest whether the Guided or Customised approach might suit you. It also gives you some ideas about what Guided option(s) you might like to consider if you decide to invest through the Guided approach, and the investment funds you might like to consider if you decide to invest through the Customised approach. These options and investment funds are suggestions only based on your response to the questions.

    The tool cannot take account of your personal circumstances; it asks a limited number of general questions and because of this you should not regard any of the information it provides as either financial advice or recommendations.

    Neither the Trustees of the DC Plan (ITV Defined Contribution Plan Limited) (the ‘Trustee’) nor ITV plc, including all Participating Employers of the DC Plan (together ‘ITV), can be responsible for any decisions you make based on the tool.

  • Getting advice: You’re responsible for carrying out your own investigations before deciding how to invest your DC savings; you should take independent financial advice if you’re not sure what to do or want specific advice about your own personal circumstances.

The ‘small print’

The tool has been developed for the Trustee and ITV by Towers Watson Limited (‘WTW’), an independent firm of actuaries and consultants authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Access to the tool is provided to you by the Trustee and ITV and is subject to the terms of use displayed under 'Terms & conditions’ above. The Trustee, ITV and WTW cannot be responsible for any decisions you make based on the tool.

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