Your target retirement date

It's good to have a target, even a moving one. And even if it's a long way off, there are a couple of reasons why it's important to set your target retirement date now.  

Picking your date

  • Choose any birthday from your 57th (or 55th until April 2028) to your 75th birthday.
  • This could be when you plan to start using your DC savings, but it doesn't have to be.
  • If you don't choose a date, we'll assume it's your 65th birthday.

Why you should set a date

  • If you're investing through Guided: your target retirement date affects how your DC savings are invested and when your savings start switching to different funds. So it's really important to set a date, particularly as you get closer to accessing your savings (say, 7 to 10 years away). 
  • If you're investing through Customised: your target retirement date doesn't affect your investments directly, but it's still important to set one, so we know what you’re thinking. We can then send you prompts and important documents (like your retirement pack) at relevant times.

Still too far away?  

  • If retirement is a long way off (and even if it's getting closer), it's fairly usual to not know exactly when you'll retire. Your plans may not become clear until a year or two before retirement. That's fine – you can change your target retirement date at any time by filling in a Changing your target retirement date form.
  • Just bear in mind that changing your target retirement date may change how your DC savings are invested. If you're not sure what it means for you, ITV Pensions can explain.