If you’re eligible, ITV will invite you to join the DC Plan. If you’ve recently received your invitation, this page covers what you need to know and do before your invite expires.

Remember, we only invite you once; you won’t be able to join the DC Plan once your invite expires.

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When opportunity knocks...

Chances are you’re already building up pension savings in the ITV Auto-Enrolment Plan (the AE Plan) which is a great start. But the DC Plan offers you more. Compared to the AE Plan, you get:

  • More contributions from ITV
  • More choice about your contributions
  • Savings built up on all your basic salary (rather than just part of it)
  • More ways to invest your savings and access them when you’re ready (typically from age 57)

PLUS, if you join the DC Plan, ITV may also invite you to boost your savings by backdating your contributions.

Ready to join?

Great! All you need to do is fill in the joining form before your offer expires. Once you’ve submitted this form, we’ll let you know the next steps and what to expect. Once you do join, you and ITV will stop contributing to the AE Plan (if relevant). We’ll also move any AE Plan savings you have into the DC Plan.

New Joiner Form
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Want to know more?

Crunch the numbers

Use our contribution calculator to see how much the DC Plan would cost and how much you’d get from ITV.

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Know your options

Compared to the AE Plan, the DC Plan offers more investment choice. Read the Investing section to find out about your options.


Let’s chat

If you have a question about our invitation or want to talk it through, our in-house ITV Pensions team is here to help. Call us or email:

Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4pm.  

Call: 01772 884488

Some questions you may have:

ITV will send you an invitation to join the DC Plan if you meet certain eligibility criteria. To be eligible, you’ll need to have been eligible to join the AE Plan, and employed on a permanent or fixed-term contract at the date you join the DC Plan and continually for the 12 months before that.

This applies even if you're not a member of the AE Plan or were enrolled into the AE Plan but decided to opt out.

You’ll have about a month to decide whether to join. Once you’re ready, just complete the joining form by the date shown on your invite.

You’ll have a once-only opportunity to join the DC Plan. If your invite expires, you won't be able to join later.

If you opt out of the DC Plan, you'll be enrolled automatically into the ITV Auto-Enrolment Plan if you're eligible; look out for an email to your ITV email account confirming that you're being enrolled. Remember that if you later change your mind and want to re-join the DC Plan, you may be able to do so but only in exceptional circumstances and with ITV's agreement.