Joining the Plan

  • If you're eligible, ITV will invite you to join the ITV DC Plan.
    • For more information about the Plan and how to join, we've created a more detailed video:
  • Once you’re ready to join, complete the joining form – you'll need to decide:
  • Once you've joined the ITV DC Plan, ITV will transfer any savings you've built up in the ITV Auto-Enrolment Plan (the AE Plan) to the ITV DC Plan (unless you ask us to leave them in the AE Plan).
  • ITV may invite you to kick-start your ITV DC savings by backdating your contributions to the Plan – contact ITV Pensions on 01772 884488 or at to find out how much you might be able to backdate.
  • Want to find out more? Take a look at the ITV DC Plan guide and the investment guide. You'll find these in the Library.


Who can join?

You can join the ITV DC Plan if you meet the joining conditions and ITV sends you an invitation. You'll need to have been eligible for membership of the ITV Auto-Enrolment Plan (the AE Plan) and have been employed on a permanent or fixed-term contract continually during those 12 months, and at the date you join the ITV DC Plan. This applies even if you're not a member of the AE Plan or were enrolled into the AE Plan but decided to opt out.

How long will I have to decide whether or not to join?

You’ll have about a month to decide whether or not to join. Once you’re ready, just complete the online joining form on the tab above by the date detailed on your invite.

What if I don't join?

This is a once-only opportunity to join the ITV DC Plan. You won't be able to join at a later date if you decide not to join when you receive our invitation.