Annual fund charges

ITV pays the costs of running and administering the DC Plan - all you pay is a cost for investing your DC savings. These costs are built into the price of your investments, so you won't see them as a separate charge or deduction on your pension account.

The costs you pay are the charges that the individual fund managers make for investing your DC savings. This means the investment management charges vary for each fund, including the funds that make up the Guided options. The charges are shown below and may go up or down in future.

Fund Annual fund charge
Annuity target 0.11%
Diversified investments* 0.20%
Diversified investments (responsible investment)* 0.20%
Diversified investments (uncorrelated) 0.59%
Emerging markets shares (index tracker) 0.30%
Global shares 0.80%
Global shares (climate) (index tracker)* 0.11%
Global shares (environment) 0.73%
Global shares (index tracker)* 0.12%
Global shares (responsible investment) (index tracker)* 0.12%
Diversified investments (absolute return)** 1.00%
Money markets* 0.11%
Shariah law 0.35%
UK company bonds 0.36%
UK government bonds (index tracker) 0.08%
UK shares 0.76%
UK shares (index tracker) 0.08%

* These funds are used in the Guided options.
** This fund is not available through the Customised approach.

Find out more about fund performance, in the fund factsheets. These provide specific information about each investment fund and are updated 4 times a year.