Our top 5 savings tips

Here's the scoop: the more you contribute, the more you're likely to have and the more ITV will pay in (up to a limit) to help you build up savings.

Top Savings Tips Alt

Invest in yourself

It’s worth taking a bit of time now to review your retirement savings – you’ll thank yourself in future.

Keep an eye on your savings

A review once or twice a year is enough (or if your circumstances change).

Save as much as you can, as soon as you can

It’s never too early or too late – even saving a small amount extra each month will help.

Focus on the long term

Building up retirement savings takes a bit of time and effort.

Remember that the aim of investing is to grow your money over the longer term, so some years your savings may go down in value.

Don’t be put off making decisions...

...but don’t make hasty decisions either – take time to build your knowledge so you feel more confident and in control.

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Take aim and set a target retirement date

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