Know-how: Get the retirement you want

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Things to know:

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About the session

  • A retirement specialist will talk through the simple steps you can take now that’ll help you get the retirement outcome you want.
  • After the session, we'll email you all the useful links mentioned in the session. 


Time for questions

  • You'll be able to ask questions but the retirement specialist won't be able to give advice. 

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Time commitment

  • The session runs for about 45 minutes with other interested members.
  • Plus, another 15 minutes at the end for questions.
  • Stay for as long as it suits you.

Get into the details:

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Who it might suit

You’ll benefit most if you're:

  • several years from accessing your savings – about 5 to 10 years, and/or 
  • still focused on building up savings but feel like retirement is on the horizon.

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What we'll cover

  • How much you might need.
  • Ways of boosting your savings and thinking more flexibly.
  • 3 ways to access your savings.
  • 2 things to check now.

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How you might benefit

  • Understand the small steps you can take now to get the retirement you want.
  • Learn how to use time to your advantage (retirement may be more affordable than you think!).
  • Start building your knowledge while you still have plenty of time.