About the Plan

  • You choose how your ITV DC savings are invested.
  • You can choose from 2 approaches: hands off and hands on.
    • Hands off lets you choose from a range of pre-packaged options. Your ITV DC savings are invested automatically in pre-selected funds.
    • Hands on is a pick-your-own approach that lets you choose from 13 investment funds. You decide how much to invest in which funds.
  • You can change how your ITV DC savings are invested from month to month. The first 2 changes each year are currently free of administration charges. You may be charged a fee to cover administration for other changes you make during the year.
  • We’ll send you a statement once a year showing how your investments have performed.
  • If you have extra DC savings, a transfer in from NOW: Pensions (in the ITV Auto-enrolment Pension Plan) and/or backdate savings, you can invest these differently to your core contributions and one another.
  • You can view your ITV DC savings at any time by logging in.
  • To find out more about your investment choices and how to decide which option might suit you, take a look at the video About your investment choices (below). If you want to find out about the Plan's Hands on investment approach only, there's a shorter video you can watch (see below). To find out more about your investment choices, you can also read A quick guide to your investment options.

About your investment choices

About the Hands on approach


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Hands off

  • Hands off invests your ITV DC savings automatically in a pre-defined way in 2 phases: a growth phase and a transition phase.
  • The growth phase aims to grow your savings by investing in funds that typically have the potential for good growth but, because of this, are likely to go down as well as up in value. You can choose from 3 options during this phase: Focused, Phased and Steady – click on the buttons below to find out about each option.
    Focused Phased Steady
  • The transition phase gradually moves your savings so by the time you retire, the way your savings are invested reflects how you intend to use them. You can generally choose from 5 options* during this phase: Flexible Access, Flexible Access (continued growth), One-off Cash, Multiple Cash and Pension – click on the buttons below to find out about each option.
    (* the Steady option cannot be combined with the Flexible Access (continued growth) option)

    Flexible Access Flexible Access (continued growth)
    One-off Cash Multiple Cash Pension
  • Once you've chosen the hands off option that's right for you, your ITV DC savings will be invested automatically and moved gradually between different types of investments depending on how far you are from your hands off completion date. This is a date you select; it can be any birthday from your 55th to your 75th birthdays and is usually the date you want to start using your ITV DC savings.
  • While you should still keep your investments under review, you don't have to worry about managing them regularly or deciding when to move them to less risky funds as you approach your hands off completion date; it's all done for you.

    The booklet A quick guide to your investment options in the ITV Defined Contribution Plan provides more information and will help you think about what option might suit you.

Hands on

  • Hands on gives you full control of your investments by letting you choose from a range of funds.
  • You can decide which funds to invest in, how much to invest in each fund, and when to change your investments.
  • It’s important to remember that you’re responsible for deciding if and when to change your investments, particularly as you get closer to retirement.
  • There are 13 funds to choose from, to help you choose the funds that are right for you.
Company bonds
Emerging markets (index tracker)
Global shares
Global shares (index tracker)
Mixed selection
Money markets
Property and infrastructure
Shariah law (index tracker)
Social conscience
UK government bonds (index tracker)
UK shares
UK shares (index tracker)