About the Plan

The ITV Defined Contribution Plan (the ITV DC Plan) is a great way to save for when you’re no longer working. It puts you in control by letting you choose how much to save, how to invest your ITV DC savings and how to use your savings at retirement.

  • The ITV DC Plan is a defined contribution (DC) arrangement.
  • You make contributions to the Plan and ITV contributes too.
  • We keep an individual record of your ITV DC savings.
  • If you've built up savings in the ITV Auto-Enrolment Plan (the AE Plan), these savings will be transferred to the ITV DC Plan automatically (unless you ask us to leave them in the AE Plan).
  • You choose how those savings are invested.
  • When you come to retire, you decide how to use your savings to provide an income in retirement.

It’s as simple as that. Here’s a summary of how the ITV DC Plan works.